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Canadian Nurse Practitioner Initiative

The plan for integrating the NP role

The plan for integration of the NP role in Canada is well underway, as demonstrated in this new report, Collaborative Integration Plan for the Role of Nurse Practitioners in Canada. One of the report’s major findings is that it is essential that collaboration continues among key stakeholders for an optimal integration of the NP. CNA is committed to leading, supporting and following the progress of the proposed actions identified in this report.


In June 2006, the Canadian Nurse Practitioner Initiative (CNPI) published Nurse Practitiones: Thre Time is Now, a report containing 13 recommendations to integrate NPs into health care. CNPI then produced The Way Forward Plan: Committing to Action to map out the next steps required to implement the recommendations. The recommendations address seven strategic areas: legislation and regulation; practice; health human resource planning; education; strategic communications, change management and social marketing; evaluation; and governance.

Implementation of the recommendations

Four years after the CNPI recommendations, CNA published Recommendations of the Canadian Nurse Practitioner Initiative: Progress Report. Funded in part by Health Canada’s Office of Nursing Policy, this report was written from a pan-Canadian perspective and reflects consultations with key stakeholders on the status of each CNPI recommendation. Information from the consultation process was compiled in the report to identify successes and variances in each jurisdiction and to identify priorities for the integration of the NP role in Canada.

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